About Us

Established with love, PAPAMAMA is a catering company, with especial focus on assisting you in celebrating your baby's milestones, in particular the first month, though we also cater to birthday parties and other special occasions and recently, weddings. It has had the pleasure of catering to and helping over (number) clients make unforgettable memories since its establishment.

Papamama was founded by parents with a vast amount of experience in raising children. It was easy for us to understand the importance of commemorating the various milestones of babyhood and childhood; and we can easily identify with the hassles of the preparations and arrangements necessary for a big celebration, because we're parents too. Noticing the lack of Singapore-based catering companies providing services oriented towards important milestones, especially first-month parties, we decided to establish a company that would do just that.

At Papamama, we run our business from the heart, seeking to go above and beyond to satisfy all of our customers' needs. We aim to understand our customers' situations. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit an occasion. Every item that leaves our kitchens meets the highest standards of quality, and we will always listen to customer feedback and take our customers' views into account.

Our menu provides various delicious food items, ranging from well-loved Western desserts to some with a unique Singaporean edge. Our packages are comprehensive and easily customisable to fit your every need. Every package also comes with a personalised babycard announcing the name and other details of your little one. A la carte ordering of food platters and individual products is also possible. We also provide dessert tables to be decorated with the name of your little one, which we will set up.