Dessert Table

The Papamama Dessert Table now combines delicious treats and sweeping displays into one skirted, elegant set-up of enticing desserts.

Given 60-90 minutes of time, we will set up this dessert table upon delivery. A personalised dessert table to go along with a party's theme can be arranged at a nominal fee of $50. The dessert table will provide either 6 or 8 items per person for a minimum of 20 guests. A variety of items can be ordered to cater to every palate, ranging from well-loved Western sweets to tasty traditional ones, all of which will be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing display. All cutlery and display ware will be provided by Papamama.

From ingenious treats such as the Cake-in-a-jar and the push pop marshmallows to timeless classics like the cupcake and brownie, to culturally rooted ones like Agar-agar and nonya kueh and healthier selections like the fruit platter, our desserts are delicious on their own. Now, they can be arranged so as to emphasise their appearance.

They say that first impressions matter. The dessert table, with its elegance, class, and style of display, allows for that first impression to be a good one.

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