Community Development Council(CDC) Vouchers Scheme is delighted to announce that we are now a merchant for the CDC vouchers scheme! 

For more information regarding the distribution and use of CDC vouchers, please kindly visit the following link:


The CDC Vouchers Scheme had its initial launch in June 2020, where vouchers were actively distributed to low income households to be redeemed at participating local merchants and hawkers in the heartlands islandwide.


This was an initiative in a bid to help residents cope with daily expenses and also to help boost local/heartland businesses which have been impacted by COVID-19.

As mentioned, this original scheme was only catered to lower-income households. However...


However, this current tranche (February 1, 2021) of $50 CDC vouchers will be distributed to all Singaporean households!

An estimated 1.3 million households will benefit from this initiative.

How do I use it at

1. Enter the amount of vouchers you will be utilizing to offset your order under the "Special Instructions" column upon check-out at our online store.

2. A Letter of Confirmation/Invoice will be sent to you for your confirmation. Once confirmed, kindly proceed to make payment for the balance amount. 

3. Bring along the correct amount of vouchers on the day of Collection/Delivery. We will require the correct amount to be presented to us before we release the order to you. If there are any discrepancies or short in the vouchers, we will require a immediate PayNow or Bank Transfer for the balance amount.

4. reserves the right not to accept any defaced, torn, or mutilated vouchers - such as:

  • Scorched or burnt
  • Attacked by pests and insects
  • Stained by ink, paint or other chemicals
  • Defaced by markings or writings of words, figures and others
  • Perforated or portions missing

Photos of decal displayed at our shopfront ✔️

Thank you for your support!