Community Development Council(CDC) Vouchers Scheme 2023 is delighted to announce that we are once again merchant for the CDC vouchers 2023 scheme!  For more information regarding the distribution and use of CDC e-vouchers, please kindly visit the following link: General Information About the CDC Vouchers Scheme

How do I place my order using CDC e-Voucher? 

1. Place your order online at

2. Upon checkout, please kindly indicate in the special instruction box the total value of vouchers you will be using. e.g. I will be using CDC voucher $100. (No payment is required upon check out.)

3. We will contact you once your order has been processed via WhatsApp and/or email for your order confirmation. 

4. Once confirmed, kindly send us the screenshot of the QR code - voucher amount must be the same as indicated above. 

5. Lastly, kindly make the balance payment through bank transfer/PayNow.

**Do kindly note that full payment has to be made at least 3 working days before order pickup/delivery date. Incomplete payment with less than 3 working days will be automatically cancelled without refund. For more information, please read our terms and conditions at the following link:

✅CDC Voucher Merchant decal at the front of our shop.